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Broadmoor Curling Club Leagues

2015 Fall League 

2015 Fall League Teams.pdf

Team Skip Third Second Lead
1 Paula Bloom Jonathan Sgro Mark Longstaff Sue Wenstrand
2 Dune Dills Stacy Swanson Cochran Kristin Brown Pandre' Nichols
3 Jean Otto Maggie Vail Peter Carlisi Judy Westphal
4 John West John West (II) John West (III) John West (IV)
5 Nathan Trachta Al Wenstrand Kolleen Conley
6 Mike Kettle Ruth McIntyre Traci Mastri
Amy Bahls
Dan Smith
Games A B C D
4-Oct 1 vs 2 3 vs 4 5 vs 6
11-Oct 4 vs 6 2 vs 5 1 vs 3
18-Oct 3 vs 5 2 vs 6 1 vs 4
25-Oct 3 vs 6 1 vs 5 2 vs 4
1-Nov 4 vs 5 1 vs 6 2 vs 3
8-Nov 1 vs 2 3 vs 4 5 vs 6
15-Nov 1st vs 4th 3rd vs 6th 2nd vs 5th
22-Nov 3rd vs 4th 1st vs 2nd 5th vs 6th
League Coordinator: Nathan Trachta 719.246.4537
League standings are based on the following:
1st Win vs Loss
2nd  Score differential during the season
3rd Head to Head competition
The first week ALL teams are expected to be at the Broadmoor World Arena Ice Hall at 5:30pm.
This is to facilitate set-up which includes the following:
1) Moving and cooling of stones
2) Scribing of rings and painting
3) Scribing of back lines and hoglines
4) Setting of hacks
5) Pebbling
Pebbling will normally be done by the ice crew (Nathan and/or Mike)
Additional people willing to learn how to pebble are appreciated


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